ITH Embroidery Plushie Crewmate



This custom in the hoop ITH embroidery plushie features a crewmate from the video game Among Us.


Live characters are shown as short, humanoid beings wearing a spacesuit. They lack arms and have short legs, and their spacesuit doesn’t reveal what’s underneath. A small backpack, jet pack, or oxygen tank is mounted on the back of the suit. If a character is eliminated by normal gameplay, then they will turn into a ghost.

With a height of 3′ 6″ and a weight of 92 pounds, all Crewmates except Fortegreen have a BMI of 36.7. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, this BMI equates to Class 2 obesity in humans, although the extra weight could be the spacesuit or just the healthy weight of the Crewmate’s species.

Create your own ITH embroidery plushie featuring an Among Us crewmate,  included in this package and pattern.

  • A large, medium, and small design makes a perfect Plush Keychain or Charm to carry around with you.
  • There is a simple tutorial attached so you will not be lost on your fluffy creative adventure.
  • A lot of Cuteness and a lot of Possibilities!

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