Anime Embroidery 7 Deadly Sins Clan Logo



This custom anime embroidery design and pattern features the 7 Deadly Sins Clan logo.

The Seven Deadly Sins「七つの大罪 Nanatsu no Taizai」 were the strongest and cruelest order of Holy Knights in the Kingdom of Liones. They are the main protagonists of the series.


Many of the Demon Clan have monstrous appearances. There are several known types, each with its own appearance, identified by colors, such as Red Demons or Gray Demons.

However, some demons do not fall into these categories, namely the Ten Commandments and Meliodas. Human-like demons can be distinguished by their pitch black eyes and black markings on their skin.

If you want to create your own custom anime embroidery project featuring the 7 Deadly Sins Clan logo, here is what is included in this project.


Large Design Properties:
Width: 135 mm
Height: 128 mm
Stitch count: 7,483
Sewing time:  17 min.
Color count: 1

Medium Design Properties:
Width: 95 mm
Height: 90 mm
Stitch count: 4,333
Sewing time:  10 min.
Color count: 1

Small Design Properties:
Width: 77 mm
Height: 72 mm
Stitch count: 3,218
Sewing time:  7 min.
Color count: 1

Files Included:
2 formats: .pes .dst
3 sizes: Large Medium Small
1 color chart
1 image print

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