Anime Embroidery Kento Nanami Overtime



This custom anime machine embroidery design and pattern features the Jujutsu Kaisen character Kento Nanami using his overtime ability.


Nanami is a tall, well-built man with blonde hair styled with a neat part. Nanami has very thin eyebrows as well as small eyes that are usually covered by his signature sunglasses. Befitting a former office worker, Nanami is usually fully dressed in a business suit. His usual suit consists of a white dress shirt underneath a tan blazer with matching slacks and light shoes. Attached to his dress shirt, there is a holster that sheaths Nanami’s blunt sword, hidden by the back of his blazer. He also sports a necktie that shares the same dotted pattern as the bandages around his blunt sword.

If you want to create your own custom anime embroidery project that features Kento Nanami using his overtime ability, here is what is included in this package and pattern.


Large Design Properties:
Width: 178 mm
Height: 124 mm
Stitch count: 58,222
Sewing time: 140 min.
Color count: 8

Medium Design Properties:
Width: 127 mm
Height: 88 mm
Stitch count: 35,969
Sewing time: 102 min.
Color count: 8

Small Design Properties:
Width: 96 mm
Height: 67 mm
Stitch count: 24,772
Sewing time:  75 min.
Color count: 8

Files Included:
6 formats: .pes .dst .jef .hus .exp .xxx
3 sizes: Large Medium Small
1 color chart
1 image print

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