Anime Embroidery Pattern Shikamaru Posed



This custom anime embroidery design and pattern features the character Shikamaru Nara posed from the anime series Naruto Shippuden.


Shikamaru has narrow brown eyes and a typical expression suggesting he is either bored or irritated. He has shoulder length black hair tied in a spiky ponytail. During Part I, he wears a short-sleeved grey jacket with green-edged sleeves and the rudimentary Nara clan symbol on the back, under which is a green-lined mesh armour T-shirt. He also wears brown pants, a pair of his clan’s traditional silver hoop earrings, and wears his blue forehead protector around his left arm.

If you want to create your own custom anime embroidery project featuring the character Shikamaru posed, here is what is included in this package and pattern.


Large Design Properties:
Width: 152 mm
Height: 131 mm
Stitch count: 37,353
Sewing time:  80 min.
Color count: 7

Medium Design Properties:
Width: 100 mm
Height: 86 mm
Stitch count: 23,406
Sewing time:  49 min.
Color count: 7

Small Design Properties:
Width: 84 mm
Height: 72 mm
Stitch count: 22,824
Sewing time:  43 min.
Color count: 7

Files Included:
6 formats: .pes .dst .hus .xxx .jef .exp
3 sizes: Large Medium Small
1 color chart
1 image print

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