Anime Embroidery Soul Eater Evans Thumbs Up



This custom anime embroidery design and pattern features the character Soul Eater Evans with a thumbs up sign.


Soul has white hair swept to one side, and red eyes. He is known for his heavily exaggerated facial expressions and pointed teeth. He naturally has a lazy, droopy, and somewhat uninterested expression on his face. In his first appearance, he wears a yellow and black jacket with buttons going down the front. Around his head is a prominent sweatband that has a sticker with his name on and a circular logo featuring a red-lipped mouth bearing pointed fangs surrounded with the letters ‘E-A-T.’ He wears a pair of maroon pants, and yellow and black sneakers with a pattern on the soles resembling his teeth.

If you want to create your own custom anime embroidery project featuring the character Soul Eater Evans with a thumbs up, here is what is included in this project.


Large Design Properties:
Width: 128 mm
Height: 121 mm
Stitch count: 28,635
Sewing time:  58 min.
Color count: 10

Medium Design Properties:
Width: 95 mm
Height: 89 mm
Stitch count: 20,168
Sewing time: 40 min.
Color count: 10

Small Design Properties:
Width: 72 mm
Height: 68 mm
Stitch count: 15,286
Sewing time: 31 min.
Color count: 10

Files Included:
2 formats: .pes .dst
3 sizes: Large Medium Small
1 color chart
1 image print

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