Embroidery Final Fantasy 2d Sprite



This custom anime and video game embroidery design and pattern features characters from the video game series Final Fantasy in a 2d sprite look.

The characters include: Barret, Aerith, Cloud, Vincent, Rikku, Lulu, Yuffie, Tidus, Sephiroth, Wakka

Final Fantasy VII follows the story of mercenary Cloud Strife, who is hired by the eco-terrorist group AVALANCHE—led by Barret Wallace—to help fight the mega-corporation Shinra Electric Power Company, who attempts to drain the planet’s lifeblood as an energy source to further their profits. Apathetic to the cause, Cloud initially fights for personal gain, and for the promise he made to childhood friend Tifa Lockhart. Cloud eventually joins forces with many others to save the planet, which is threatened by Shinra and Cloud’s nemesis Sephiroth, and discovers a reason to fight for a cause other than his own.

Final Fantasy X, the game is set in the world of Spira and follows the story of Tidus and Yuna. Tidus is a star athlete blitzball player, who is taken to Spira by Auron after a monster called Sin destroys his home city of Zanarkand. Tidus then joins the summoner, Yuna on her pilgrimage with her guardians to defeat Sin and bring about the Calm.

If you want to create a custom anime and video game embroidery project featuring the characters from the video game series Final Fantasy in a 2d sprite look, here is what is included in this project.


10 Large Design Properties:
Width: 130 mm
Height: 200 mm
Stitch count: 100,000
Sewing time:  200 min.
Color count: 10-20

10 Small Design Properties:
Width: 40 mm
Height: 70 mm
Stitch count: 50,000
Sewing time:  90 min.
Color count: 10-20

Each Design Includeds:
2 formats: .pes .dst
2 sizes: Large Small
1 color chart
1 image print

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