Embroidery Overwatch Chibi Set



This custom embroidery design and pattern features a set of 6 characters in chibi style from the video game Overwatch.

This embroider set features the following characters:

Hanzo, Lucio, Mcree, Mei, Soldier76, Tracer

There are currently 31 playable heroes in Overwatch. Each hero offers a unique style of play, and is classified under one of three roles: Tank, Damage, or Support. Each team can only have 1 of each hero, although some Arcade game modes allow multiple. Players can switch heroes in the spawn room.

Heroes come from a variety of national/ethnic backgrounds, and occasionally speak in their native languages during matches.

If you want to create your own custom embroidery projects featuring the characters of overwatch in chibi style, here is what is included in this set package.


6 Large Design Properties:
Width: 13 cm
Height: 17 cm
Stitch count: 39,000
Sewing time: 60 min.
Color count: 21

6 Small Design Properties:
Width: 7 cm
Height: 9 cm
Stitch count: 17,000
Sewing time: 35 min.
Color count: 21

Files Included:
2 formats: .pes .dst
2 sizes: Large Small
1 color chart
1 image print

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