Embroidery Pattern Halloween Monster Runner


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This custom machine embroidery and design and pattern features a 5 panel Halloween monster table runner consisting of a dragon, skeleton, vampire, pumpkin ghoul.


A dragon is a large magical legendary creature that appears in the folklore of many cultures worldwide.

In folklore, a werewolf[a] (from Old English werwulf ‘man-wolf’), or occasionally lycanthrope[b] (from Ancient Greek λυκάνθρωπος, lukánthrōpos, ‘wolf-human’) is an individual who can shape-shift into a wolf

Skeletons are a popular Halloween image. They serve as costume inspiration, decoration, and fodder for scary stories.

Dracula – An ancient vampire and Transylvanian nobleman who travels to London to spread his terror. He is described as polite but savage. He begins the novel as an older, moustached man who grows gradgually younger as he feeds on feminine blood. Dracula can control creatures like wolves, manipulate the weather and transform himself into night-animals.

The Towering Pumpkin Ghoul is an animated Halloween decoration made in 2022, It resembles a giant 12 foot pumpkin. When activated, the body moves side to side as the inside of the pumpkin’s head lights up to 4 taunting phrases.