Embroidery Pattern V Vendetta Guy Fawkes



This custom embroidery design and pattern features the character Guy Fawkes face from V for Vendetta.


The Guy Fawkes mask is a stylised depiction of Guy Fawkes, the best-known member of the Gunpowder Plot, an attempt to blow up the House of Lords in London on 5 November 1605. The use of a mask on an effigy has long roots as part of Guy Fawkes Night celebrations.

Illustrator David Lloyd stylised a smiling face with red cheeks, a wide moustache upturned at both ends, and a thin vertical pointed beard,

If you want to create your own custom embroidery project featuring the Guy Fawkes face from V for Vendetta, here is what is included in this package and pattern.


Large Design Properties:
Width: 117 mm
Height: 175 mm
Stitch count: 14,582
Sewing time: 31 min.
Color count: 1

Medium Design Properties:
Width: 89 mm
Height: 134 mm
Stitch count: 10,768
Sewing time: 21 min.
Color count: 1

Small Design Properties:
Width: 53 mm
Height: 79 mm
Stitch count: 5,347
Sewing time:  11 min.
Color count: 1

Files Included:
6 formats: .pes .dst .vip .xxx .exp .jef
3 sizes: Large Medium Small
1 color chart
1 image print

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