Embroidery Star Wars Rebel Alliance Logo



This custom anime and video game embroidery design and pattern features the Star Wars Rebel Alliance logo.

The Alliance Starbird, also known as the Phoenix, was the insignia of the Alliance to Restore the Republic. It adorned the flight helmets of a number of Rebel pilots during the Galactic Civil War. It adopted the Marek family crest.

The Rebels adopted the symbol from the family crest of the Marek family in honor of Galen Marek, Darth Vader’s former apprentice, who sacrificed himself protecting the three founders of the Alliance.[1] However, by some accounts, the insignia had been taken from the seal of the Old Republic.[2] And indeed, a similar winged seal had been used by the Republic at the time of the Great Galactic War.[3]

Often described as a rising phoenix, the Starbird represented the Alliance’s goal of setting the stage for the Galactic Republic to rise again from the ashes of the Galactic Empire that it swore to topple. The Starbird most often appeared in bright red or blue but was also sometimes displayed in yellow, black, or gray.

If you want to create your own embroidery project featuring the Star Wars Rebel Alliance logo here is what is included in this project.


Large Design Properties:
Width: 133 mm
Height: 133 mm
Stitch count: 30,116
Sewing time:  67 min.
Color count: 6

Medium Design Properties:
Width: 95 mm
Height: 95 mm
Stitch count: 18,178
Sewing time:  41 min.
Color count: 6

Small Design Properties:
Width: 76 mm
Height: 76 mm
Stitch count: 12,913
Sewing time:  30 min.
Color count: 6

Files Included:
2 formats: .pes .dst
3 sizes: Large Medium Small
1 color chart
1 image print

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