Embroidery Tiled Super Mario World Map



This custom tiled embroidery design and pattern features the world map for Super Mario World.

Super Mario World contains nine worlds and seventy-three (seventy-five if the Top Secret Area and Yoshi’s House are counted as levels) levels in total, twenty-five of which have secret exits. Almost all worlds contain four regular levels and at least one secret level. Levels marked in yellow contain one exit, while levels marked in red contain an alternative, secret exit. Other points of interest include the Switch Palaces, Warp Pipes, and the Super Star-shaped portals to the Star World that are unlocked only when players find the associated secret exit. Switch Palaces activate respectively colored permeable Dotted Line Blocks and turn them into solid ! Blocks that can be stood on or hit from below. Once Switch Palace levels have been completed, they cannot be visited again. Warp Pipes warp players to different areas of the map, usually to different worlds altogether.

This embroidery project consists of 16 individual tiled embroidered squares from the overworld map from Super Mario World video game.


Design Properties:
16 individual tile squares
Individual Square Width: 196 mm (8 inches)
Individual Square Height: 196 mm (8 inches)
Stitch count per tile: 140,000
Color count: 30

Completed Design size:
Width: 36 inches (3 feet)
Height: 36 inches (3 feet)

Files Included:
2 formats: .pes .dst
16 complete color chart set
1 image print set

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