Final Fantasy Cloud Simple Embroider



Custom embroider design and pattern featuring Cloud Strife in simple form and chibi style from the Final Fantasy videogame series.

Cloud is a young man with light skin and is slightly below average height, with a lean and toned build. He has spiky blond hair that in Final Fantasy VII features one particularly long spike. Cloud’s hair has become one of the trademarks of his appearance, although in later appearances the spikes have been toned down. Cloud has blue eyes, which glow due to him having being exposed to Mako. Because “Mako eyes” are iconic to members of SOLDIER, Cloud is often assumed to be one. His weapon is the Buster Sword, a massive sword several feet long which he wields in most of his appearances. Cloud’s other trademark weapon is a set of Fusion Swords, which he uses in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. The set consists of six individual interconnecting swords that form a larger sword similar in shape and size to the Buster Sword.

If you are wanting to embroider this character in a simple chibi style, Cloud Strife from the videogame series Final Fantasy, here is what included in this package.


Large Design Properties:
Width: 124 mm
Height: 187 mm
Stitch count: 27,700
Sewing time: 58 min.
Color count: 5

Medium Design Properties:
Width: 91 mm
Height: 139 mm
Stitch count: 18,394
Sewing time: 38 min.
Color count: 5

Small Design Properties:
Width: 50 mm
Height: 76 mm
Stitch count: 8,957
Sewing time: 10 min.
Color count: 5

Files Included:
3 formats: .pes .dst .exp
3 sizes: Large Medium Small
1 color chart
1 image print

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