Final Fantasy Yuna Dress Embroidery



This custom anime embroidery design features the character Yuna from the video game Final Fantasy X2 with a pretty dress.


Yuna - Portrait

In Final Fantasy X, Yuna wears an ensemble similar to, but widely varied from, those worn by Yevonites: a purple pleated, flower-patterned skirt; black boots; a black spaghetti-string camisole under a white sash that wraps around her neck and over her chest; and a yellow patterned obi with a chōchō musubi knot and a decorative obidome to clinch the cords. Two separate, kimono-like pink and white sleeves secured by purple cords complete the outfit. The design of her staff is based on the Khakkhara, a staff used by practitioners of Buddhism.

Yuna has shoulder-length brunette hair. While in this series she wears a blue-beaded earring on her right ear, hidden by a lock of her hair, woven into blue beads with gold rings around the larger, middle bead. She wears a silver necklace of a hibiscus flower along with a matching ring on the pinky of her right hand. She also wears a silver ring on the middle finger of her left hand and two bracelets, one beaded and one silver, on her right wrist. Yuna has heterochromia: her left eye is blue, while the right is green to represent her half-Al Bhed heritage, though without the characteristic spiral.

In Final Fantasy X-2, two years later, Yuna has undergone a transformation with a new revealing dress style and a more adventurous personality. Yuna retains her beaded earring and silver hibiscus necklace, but her hair is cropped shorter, resembling Tidus’s hairstyle, with a red braid hanging down to her ankles.

Yuna’s attire changes for each of the dresspheres, with details that distinguish her from Rikku and Paine. Yuna’s default appearance is the Gunner dressphere, an outfit given to her by Rikku in Final Fantasy X: Eternal Calm. She dons a modified halter-neck top with the symbol of the Zanarkand Abes across the chest and a pink hood. Yuna wears yellow armbands over her biceps, a black bracelet on her left wrist, and denim boyshorts. She carries a pouch on her left hip over an ankle-length blue and white half skirt and wears laced knee-high boots. Wearing the Gunner dressphere in combat, she wields her signature Tiny Bee pistols.


In the other dresspheres, Yuna wields her original summoning staves, the Nirvana, Tidus’s Brotherhood and Caladbolg swords, a blue variant of Rikku’s dagger blades, and Auron‘s Blurry Moon katana. Her deck theme for the Lady Luck dressphere is spades and her Mascot dressphere is a moogle. Her special dressphere is Floral Fallal whose appearance is designed after the hibiscus flower; yuna is the Japanese name of the Sea Hibiscus, the flower on her obi and her skirt in Final Fantasy X. In a bonus cutscene where the girls spend time in a hot spring in Mt. Gagazet, Yuna wears a pink and cream halter bikini swimsuit.

If you are wanting to create this embroidery design featuring the character Yuna in a pretty dress from the final fantasy videogame franchise here is what is included in this package.


Large Design Properties:
Width: 136 mm
Height: 196 mm
Stitch count: 79,096
Sewing time: 175 min.
Color count: 39

Small Design Properties:
Width: 35 mm
Height: 51 mm
Stitch count: 30,201
Sewing time: 73 min.
Color count: 39

Files Included:
2 formats: .pes .dst
2 sizes: Large Small
1 color chart
1 image print

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