Anime embroider SAO Sinon



This custom anime embroider design features Sinon from the anime series SAO Sword Art Online series.

Gun Gale Online

Sinon's GGO Avatar Full Body

Asada Shino’s GGO avatar.

The appearance of this anime embroider Sinon avatar in SAO Sword Art Online has thin, pale blue swaying hair that was casually short, but there was a tuft of hair tied up on both sides of her forehead, and indigo[6] colored eyes. Her combat attire consists of a desert-colored military jacket, bulletproof armor of the same color, and combat boots, as well as a white muffler around her neck.[7]

Real World

Asada Shino's Real Life Appearance Full Body

Shino’s appearance in real life.

Similar to both of her VRMMO game avatars, Shino has thin hair tied in small ribbons by the sides of her face, with the back cut short. Unlike her avatars, Shino has dark hair in real life. She also wears a pair of half-rimmed glasses with oval-shaped lenses. Her skin is pale and she has black eyes.[citation needed] She has a black spot on her right hand, left there by gunpowder from the time she fired a gun in real life.[4] Her B-W-H measurements were 80-61-81 in the web novel.[5]


Large Design Properties:
Width: 137 mm
Height: 161 mm
Stitch count: 53,684
Sewing time: 126 min.
Color count: 35

Small Design Properties:
Width: 72 mm
Height: 84 mm
Stitch count: 30,124
Sewing time: 75 min.
Color count: 35

Files Included:
2 formats: .pes .dst
2 sizes: Large Small
1 color chart
1 image print

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