Persona Marie



Marie is a character from the Persona video game franchise has pale skin, chin-length brownish black hair and gray eyes (bright green in P4GA, PQ anime cutscene, P4AU artwork/gameplay, and P4D artwork).

In the Persona game Marie wears a sleeveless white shirt, a short black necktie with various safety pins and a checkered skirt along with a black belt and a fancy, golden buckle which resembles a heart with wings. Additionally, she has black-striped red fingerless gloves and black-striped white stockings. Her black long, dark gray heeled boots are checkered as well. She carries a deep blue bag, adorned with golden designs and matching her officer’s cap with a golden button and a V gravure, most likely as a reference to the Velvet Room. She also wears a special red choker necklace with a lock, symbolizing a secret within Marie which the protagonist will have to unlock to find out what it is.

Large Design Properties:
Width: 139 mm
Height: 204 mm
Stitch count: 47,560
Sewing time: 102 min.
Color count: 36

Small Design Properties:
Width: 62 mm
Height: 91 mm
Stitch count: 23,119
Sewing time: 51 min.
Color count: 36

Files Included:
2 formats: .pes .dst
2 sizes: Large Small
1 color chart
1 image print

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