Persona Rise Kujikawa



This is an embroidery design for the character Rise Kujikawa from the video game series Persona

Persona Rise Kujikawa has long copper-colored hair tied in two pigtails, brown eyes and pale skin. Her normal outfit consists of an orange shirt with puffy sleeves above a white turtleneck shirt while she is seen wearing an orange top and white pants in summer. Before transferring to Yasogami High and while working at her grandmother’s shop, Rise wears a white headscarf, a pink turtleneck shirt and a short navy blue skirt.

In Persona 4: Dancing All Night, she wears a summer pink school uniform with open shirt parted showing her black bra and bare midriff, and Yasogami emblem on her left sleeve, a magenta, pink and white houndstooth patterned mini skirt that match her hair ribbons, long black stockings with pink lace zippers and pink high-heel slippers. She wears a yellow scarf around her right wrist and pink and black glove on her left hand. She also wears yellow headphones over her ears and a black collar with a keychain heart.

Large Design Properties:
Width: 139 mm
Height: 206 mm
Stitch count: 54,725
Sewing time: 118 min.
Color count: 39

Small Design Properties:
Width: 50 mm
Height: 74 mm
Stitch count: 26,693
Sewing time: 64 min.
Color count: 39

Files Included:
2 formats: .pes .dst
2 sizes: Large Small
1 color chart
1 image print

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