Anime Embroidery Naruto Village Headband


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This custom anime embroidery design and pattern features a blank Naruto ninja village headband along with 10 village logos. You can create your own Naruto hidden village headband with the village of your choice.


A forehead protector (額当て, Hitai-ate) is a headband composed of a metal plate and a band of cloth. Forehead protectors are worn by most shinobi and are engraved with the symbol of their hidden village.

From the Episodes of Naruto we know that there are 10 countries. Each country has a hidden village. Each of the countries is named after an element. Ninjas in the villages know specific techniques related to their village and the name of their country.

Village designs in this package include:

If you want to create your own custom anime embroidery project that features the Naruto village headband and logos here is what is included in this package.