Vocaloid Hatsune closeup



This anime embroidery pattern is for the character Miku Hatsune from the vocaloid anime series.

The task for coming up with Miku’s image went to the manga artist Kei GarĊ. When Kei designed Miku, his only direction was that she was an android and what her color scheme (based on Yamaha’s synthesizer’s signature turquoise color) was. The design on Miku’s skirt and boots are based on synthesizer software colors and the bars represent the actual bars within the program’s user interface. Vocaloid Miku Hatsune was originally intended to have a different hairstyle, but Kei stuck to pigtails or bunches after trying them out. Crypton then officially created and posted Miku’s personal data sheet. However, this only contained her ‘physical’ and technical traits; Crypton did not provide much information about Miku’s personality, which has allowed song/music video creators and fans to choose the traits that they think suit her best.

Large Design Properties:
Width: 150 mm
Height: 137 mm
Stitch count: 36,329
Sewing time: 87 min.
Color count: 9

Medium Design Properties:
Width: 109 mm
Height: 100 mm
Stitch count: 23,544
Sewing time: 55 min.
Color count: 9

Small Design Properties:
Width: 78 mm
Height: 72 mm
Stitch count: 15,583
Sewing time: 35 min.
Color count: 9

Files Included:
7 formats: .pes .dst .vip .dst .jef .exp .xxx
3 sizes: Large Medium Small
1 color chart
1 image print

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