In The Hoop Coffee Cozy

Instructions – Photos are different but the steps to construct are exactly the same.

    Hoop stabilizer. Run placement
    Lay batting over placement
    stitch. Run tack down. Trim.
    Lay fabric, run tack down. Trim.
    Run placement for center
    panel. Then lay fabric over
    placement stitch. Run tack down, then trim away excess material as shown.
    Follow thread chart to
    embroider design
    Run placement for right side
    panel. Then place fabric panel
    over placement stitching, run tack down and trim.
    Repeat the process for left side
    of panel.
    Embroider quilting stitching
    for both panels. Then run satin
    stitching as shown.
    Next, (not shown), embroider
    placement for elastic.
    Put elastic on back side of
    pattern. Tape into place really
    well, return hoop to machine and run tack down. Be sure to overlap by 1,4” and do not trim any away.
    Next, place fabric to back
    side of hoop. Run tack down and trim fabric as shown.
    Run final satin stitching.
    Sew button onto left side. I
    went in about 1/4” from the edge
    for placement.

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